Friday, November 23, 2012

Route 29 Sherbrook

The Route 29 Sherbrook bus route is really two different routes. One route goes from Sherbrook and Logan to City Hall, the other route starts at the same place, but goes to Pembina and Windemere. The section from Logan to Broadway is the same for both routes.

I get the bus at the stop on Broadway at Maryland. Riding down West Broadway, I realize that this stretch has a number of hairdressers. At Broadway and Furby there is Hair on Broadway.  At Spence Street it is Edward Carriere, a fixture in the neighborhood for many years. Edward Carriere supports the community ice rink and other services in the area.  Just a few blocks farther, on the north side of  Broadway at Balmoral there is Hunter and Gunn almost next door to Grace Hair & Esthetics.

I try taking some pictures from the bus today, and it is very difficult. The windows are spattered with slush from the roads, and part of the windows on my bus are covered with advertising. I get a few photos, but they are of poor quality.

There is work being done on the Manitoba Legislature to replace the skylight over the main staircase. It was supposed to be completed in mid-September. From the outside it looks like the work is still taking place.

The Route 29 Sherbrook to City Hall bus, continues down Broadway to Fort Street where it turns north. The bus follows Fort across Portage Avenue where it becomes Notre Dame. The bus turns on King Street into the Exchange District., past The Cube and City Hall. It enters China Town and turns on Rupert where it waits for a couple of minutes before heading down Princess Street past Red River College Princess Street Campus. It turns and takes McDermot to Main Street. The bus continues down Main Street, past Times Change(d), and turns on to Broadway at Union Station.

As we travel down Broadway toward Osborne Street, I begin to think that the recent recession may have been more serious than I realized. It seems that Santa Claus can no longer survive with just a toy workshop at the North Pole. He has had to open a convenience store to make ends meet.

The bus follows along West Broadway and turns north on Sherbrook Street, heading toward the Health Sciences Centre. At the corner of Sargent and Sherbrook I see Prairie Stained Glass. If you get off the bus at Sargent Avenue, it is just a couple of blocks to X-Cues, where you can get the best cappuccino in the city (in my humble opinion).

Just off the corner of Sherbrook and Notre Dame is the Manitoba Clinic. Across the street is a very large Shopper's Drug Mart. At William and Sherbrook, across from the Health Sciences Centre and Children's Hospital is the construction of the new Women's Hospital. It is a huge hole in the ground filled with pilings.
The bus continues down Sherbrook and passes Rossbrook House. Started by Sister Geraldine McNamara, its motto is "No child who does not want to be alone should ever have to be."

We continue on Sherbrook and cross Logan to turn on Henry and then to Gunnell where the bus waits outside West Rock Battery. The driver looks at me and asks, "Where are you going?" I have to laugh and tell him that I'm not going anywhere! I tell him that I just like to ride different routes and see where they go. He laughs at that and continues to check his text messages.

After a short wait the bus continues on to Logan. As we come to the Logan/Sherbrook intersection, I notice a large warehouse building on the corner with a banner that reads, Marvellous Mascots & Everything Else. They provide the Buzz and Boomer mascots for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and also Goldie for the Goldeyes. They also supply costumes and they have Sumos!

The bus passes HSC and joins Maryland where it branches off Notre Dame. It continues down Maryland, across Sargent, Ellice and Portage Avenues before turning on to West Broadway to begin the trip to City Hall again. I get off at this stop to cross the street and wait for the #29 Sherbrook to Windemere at Maryland and Knappen.

I take advantage of the break to go into the Halal Meat Centre & Specialty Foods. It is full of wonderful spices, pita bread, and foods from the Middle East. The staff are very helpful. You will probably recognize the building if you have ever driven down Maryland. They recently repainted the building. (I got this photo from their Face Book page. I forgot to take one!)

It is a bright blue day and I can't resist taking a photo of the sky as I am waiting for the next #29 Windemere.
 The #29 Windemere heads down Maryland towards Miserecordia Health Centre. It crosses the Maryland Bridge and joins Academy Road, turning on to Stafford at Kelvin High School.  At the Stafford and Grosvenor intersection you can get a meal at The Grove (pub style restaurant), pick up some sweet treats at Lilac Bakery, or do some shopping for home accessories at These Four Walls. Spuntino's Restaurant closed recently, but should soon be replaced by Tre Visi CafĂ©.

The bus continues along Stafford crossing Corydon and Grant before reaching Pembina Highway and the now notorious Salisbury House Restaurant there. The bus heads south on Pembina and stops at The Original Pancake House then heads to the bus loop at Windemere where it turns around and returns down Stafford to Sherbrook and on to Logan (the Broadway to Logan route is the same as the #29 City Hall).

COMING SOON: How to get to the new IKEA by bus.
                              Getting to the Richardson International Airport by bus.

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